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Manson Guitars anounces New Upgrade

Manson Guitar Works updates MA EVO and MA Classic

Manson Guitar Works are pleased to announce updates to their existing award winning MA Range. The popular MA guitar has been seen...

Paul Gilbert Guitar Lesson 1: Ode to Two Pats

Watch a new Paul Gilbert guitar lesson! Gilbert gets "teary eyed" over the melodic beauty of this gem - a string skipping,...
Guitar effect Mastro Valvola Reverb

Mastro Valvola Area Multi Reverb V2

Area is an extremely versatile Multi Reverb with which you can obtain many reverberation environments. From short reverberations to huge spaces and celestial atmospheres, without clouding the...
3+2 guitar pentatonicvideo

Learn the Blues Soloing: The 3+2 Minor Pentatonic Scale Pattern

Another great video from Blues Guitar Unleashed reveals truth, that the most blues guitar players learn the minor pentatonic scale in a "box" type...
3 guitar blues movesvideo

3 Blues Moves You Need To Know

TThere are certain finger movements that you tend to see come up over and over again in blues soloing... So in this video, the Blues...
Guitar Lick in Bminorvideo

Beginner Blues Rock Licks in B Minor

Some of the great guitar lick from Guitar Lick Dojo

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