Do you want a phaser with unprecedented control? Do you want beautiful vibrato? How about some gnarly synth sounds with fuzz? Here you go. The Pralines covers all of this… and then some.



These 4 small FREQ knobs set the base frequency of each filter.
The base frequency will then be modulated according to the 4 small MOD knobs.


The PEAK knob controls the global resonance of the filter.
When fully CW, filters self-oscillation occurs and you now have 4 controllable sine-wave VCO’s.


The MIX knob is used to blend the out-of-phase dry signal with the filtered signal. At low PEAK settings, phase cancellation occurs and it’s capable of producing phaser/vibrato sounds.


It’s a basic PNP transistor gated fuzz.
The FUZZ knob changes the fuzz texture from soft saturation to hard squared fuzz
The gate starts to engage around 12 o’clock.


This rotary switch selects which modulation is applied to filters: envelope down, envelope up, LFO, expression pedal.


Triangle LFO with two frequency ranges. LFO frequency is set by the small SPEED knob and can be controlled by envelope down, envelope up and expression pedal


Filters frequencies or LFO rate may be controlled with external hardware.
Classic/passive expression pedal, or CV signal (0-5V)


SENS sets the sensitivity of the envelope generator wich is followed by a slew limiter that will slow/smooth the envelope on ATTACK and DECAY.


Power Supply (not included):
DC 9V 200mA center negative
Size: 19x13x5 cm
Weight: 0,8 Kg
Relay true bypass
CV in: 0-5V

They’re available at select retailers and can also be purchased directly from the Glou-Glou online store at


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