[dropcap]T[/dropcap]The Unit67 is a compact and fully analog device that has a highly versatile EQ set including a „Rangemaster-like“ mid control, a boost and an 1176 type of compressor – all in one extremely practical guitar pedal. 

It doesn’t matter what your playing style is, how loud you want to play or whether you use any other pedals in your signal chain. The Unit67 is a versatile multi-functional tool which will improve almost every tone to the next, harmonically rich level. Unit67 gives you an exciting new playing feel and response which you’ll immediately love.

Connected in between your guitar and amp, the Unit67 becomes an extremely powerful and handy tone shaping tool. It’s also very versatile in terms of pedalboard position, you can place it anywhere you like it and it will work its magic ?


It features 3 different type of effects combined together:

  • Boost – The gain of the boost stage is 22,4dB (with the EQ turned off)
  • Compressor – The low noise FET compressor stage is inspired by the legendary UREI 1176 studio compressor
  • EQ – The EQ section contains 3 controls: range, low, and high

Press release

More info at: Drybell


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