[dropcap]A[/dropcap]Adam Monroe’s Delay is a free VST AAX and AU effect plugin for Windows and OS X. As Adam said: “There are many free and commercial delay effect plugins, but I wanted to make my own unique delay”.

Interesting features of this plugin include:

*ping-pong panning that is synced to the delay time, so that each delay sounds like an echo sweeping from left to right.
* built in high and low pass filtering, so that the frequency of the delay can be filtered, well leaving the original dry signal intact.
* mix, panning, and panning-width controls.

The end goal was to make a highly parameterized delay plugin that could emulate some of the classic delay sounds like slapback, as well as create new and interesting effects, and package them in a comprehensive preset list and GUI, that the end user could easily navigate.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of this plugin is the option to set the high pass and low pass filters to linear or exponential. Setting to exponential creates interesting effects like hisses and clicks, as the filtering folds-back on the delay buffer.

The minimum and maximum delay time ranges from 0 to 1 second, and the feedback ranges from 0 to infinite. The plugin supports sample rates from 44.1 to 192 kHz and does this by detecting the current sample rate and utilizing appropriate buffer lengths (as opposed to sample rate conversion), but works best at 44.1 kHz.


Download Plug-In



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