At Positive Grid, we are constantly researching and innovating to bring musicians the best-sounding guitar modeling software available. This is why they are thrilled to release a second update to BIAS AMP 2’s factory presets. This latest under-the-hood update has improved the dynamic response of the amp models found in the Crunch and High Gain factory preset categories. Additionally, BIAS AMP 2 users can expect a much more balanced midrange tone with a tighter low end, giving a warmer, grittier tone with more crunch.

To see which presets have been updated in this latest release, please refer to the list below:


  • British Plexi 50w
  • British Lead 800
  • Hiway DR 103
  • ‘69 Super Lead

High Gain

  • British Rock 50
  • RB 101B
  • SLO 100
  • Monster VH4

This update for factory presets are available for free for BIAS AMP 2 desktop and mobile owners. To download these updated presets, head on over to ToneCloud in BIAS AMP 2.

To hear them in action, you can preview each preset in the SoundCloud player below: