Audio Coach is providing the best free ear training courses and tools to help you in your musical profession. The drills start with simple frequencies for free. Advanced courses are available for purchase within the app Tools are provided that you can use in and out of the studio.


Ear Training

Ear Training that’s fun and not a quiz! Move faders, twist knobs, and hit switches. Train your ears to hear frequencies, processing, decays, and more.

Only 2 click

Learn the scales. Play major or minor scales in any key with just 2 clicks. Or just play around on the keys  with our beautiful piano.


Instrument mixing

No need to Google.  Select your instrument and know exactly where to place it in your mix. We give you mixing details and tips for most instruments and more are always added!

It’s Free

Audio Coach is FREE for iOS and Android! Get started now and get closer to your goals in your music career. Start mixing like the masters today.